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90° Angle Milling Head

90°Angle Head series consists of the basic angle heads. Multiple types are provided. For instance, it can be single output or double output. The weight can vary from 5kg to 80kg. Milling cutter range can be chose from 3mm to 125mm. The maximum rotating speed can vary from 1000 to 10000 rpm. So there are standard versions of products for different requirements.


Gantry milling machine load angle milling head

Angle milling head are mainly used on Gantry Milling Machine. More than 50% of  Gantry milling machines will use milling heads because Gantry Milling Machines are mainly used on manufacturing large components and cast. These components could not be turned and positioned because of its large size and mass., etc. Thus milling heads matches perfectly on tasks such as cutting the side or inside frame. So Gantry milling machines equipped with multiple milling heads can solve problems like position accuracy, also helped with improving the efficiency. Sirius Gantry milling machine load angle milling head series have the most varied kinds, strong torque and multiple flange dimension choices.

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