About us


Sirius Digital Machinery Co, LTD (Sirius) specialized in the popularization and standardization of CNC Angle Head, Gantry Machine Center Automatic-exchangeable Milling Head,and  Gantry Milling Machine Load Angle Milling Head. Sirius has OEM supply centers in England, USA, India, and China.
Sirius promises: No matter which countries or areas you operates in, you will be able to obtain any items listed in our standard products catalog in any quantities within 30 days of your order. (Deliver on non-standard items can be negotiated separately: Standard Angle Head can be delivered within 7 days while [Gantry Machine Center Automatic-exchangeable Milling Head can be available within 65 days).
For now, our standard product catalog includes 71 types of Angle Head 90° (one or two sided), 10 types of Adjustable Angle Head, 3 types of Offset Angle Head, 16 types of Sloping Angle Head, 30 types of Gantry Milling Machine Load Angle Milling Head, and 21 types of Gantry Machine Center Automatic-exchangeable Milling Head. 162 types of Standard Angle Head. Over 300 types of milling heads with different shank types: BT, NT, DAT, CAT, HSK, CAPTO, and etc., and two mounting types: Supporting and Flange. Sirius has about 500 types of product and service combination to meet almost all processing requirement for CNC Angle Head.
Standardization contributes to decreasing manufacturing cost, improving efficiency. However, many CNC and tools manufacturers usetheir own standard to keep their exclusivity and high profit. Sirius standardized all its products to benefit users.
Sirius  goals :
1. Makes Angle Head the standard cutter tool and easily usable for any CNC machine in the world.
2.Make Spindle Speeder to use in all CNC to improve efficiency,accuracy, and roughness, to lower cost and save power.